martedì 17 dicembre 2013

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Ebbiba !!  OnLine
Il nuovo sito di traduzioni ed interpretariato è pronto ad accogliere  tutte le vostre richieste .

In today’s global competitive market, organizations playing-to-win are adapting their strategy to reach local markets worldwide.
The importance of getting the language right when conveying information is one of the key components that determine the outcome.
iO leOnie provides high quality translation services to public and private sector organizations ranging from blue chip to medium and small size companies. With a global team of professional linguists each working within their subject matter and into their mother tongue, we are able to offer specialized translation services and are also a leading interpretation supplier to a wide range of industry sectors.
With a results-driven ethos and a policy of “ 0 defects ” commitment, our quality standards are high in everything we do .